A Story of a misunderstood young man

Missing the bus can have a catastrophic connotation. In the case of Spencer Scruggs, it meant a whole other world of opportunities…

On November 23rd, 2006, in Northern VA, Kent Gardens Elementary School, a boy named Spencer Scruggs had missed the bus home. Instead of calling for someone to pick him up, he decided to follow a friend into an after-school choir session, as a joke.  When the choir director asked him if he knew how to sing, he replied, as most fifth graders would: “I like to sing at home to friends and family. ”   
She then asked Spencer to sing out loud, he gave a short excerpt of the song: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.  The Choir Director, Ms. Forbes, had taken note on Spencer’s "natural 'Vibrato' as well as his ‘perfect pitch’ for pop music."  Spencer then immediately became one of the main leading soloists, for many classic musical pieces from Grease, The Wiz, and Mama Mia.        
It seemed as though the misunderstood, chubby boy instantly hit elementary school super stardom overnight.  Girls admired him, locals were paying attention to him, and everything seemed to be going up-hill.  “A Natural!”  The only element holding him back was Spencer’s weight.
Unfortunately, for Spencer, the limelight only lasted though sixth grade. 


 On January of 2008, Spencer and his family moved. This forced him to move schools to a new environment, which was difficult.  Consequently, due to Spencer’s low self-esteem, he lost the confidence to sing in public. 

Around that time, He decided to pick up the guitar.  Much like his first choir lesson, Spencer’s guitar teacher had noticed his natural rhythm, tone, and feel for the instrument.   

However, unlike his elementary school experience, Spencer didn’t quite fit in with the crowd.  He started listening to Heavy Metal bands such as Metallica, Escape the Fate and Black Veil Brides.  


In 2011, Spencer attended a Private all-male Boarding/preparatory School called: the Blue Ridge School.  Once again, moving to a new environment was hard for him, as no one really knew of his talents hidden underneath long hair and 100+ lbs of apathy.  In 2012, Spencer’s junior year of High school, the new Choir director Mr. Jerry King, had noticed Spencer, and asked him to consider joining the school’s choir group “The Barontones”.  Spencer remembered his success in elementary school, and knew in his heart that he desired to join; but, his weight seemed to be too cumbersome for him to rise to the occasion.   

“If it weren’t for Mr. King, I would have never been pushed out of my shell.” - Spencer says. 

From junior year through his High School Graduation, Spencer had become the school’s top vocal soloist!  And as Spencer’s confidence rose, so had his ability to shed his excess weight. - At High School Graduation, Spencer was awarded the DeAngeleis Music Award for the class of 2014.


Spencer has studied at High Point University for a double major in Music & Psychology, and has been involved in Dr. Marc Ashley Foster’s elite group of choir singers called the “Chamber Singers.”


Spencer has been writing and creating his own music and songs since 2015.

Spencer has been involved in many bands such as,
-      ISS (In School Suspension)

 -     Broken Window Pane
 -     And in an independent High Point University Jam-band Project

He has performed locally around Virginia and Northern California bay area.

Spencer currently attends Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa California, studying his passion for Nutrition.  Meanwhile, he continues to write, perform and produce his own original "Folk Rock" genre of music. ~see new music here~


Some of Spencer’s key influences growing up were artists and bands such as:

U2, The Beatles, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, All American-Rejects, Social Distortion, Ed Sheeran, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Weezer, AC/DC, Journey, Heart, Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Pearl Jam, Lynard Skynard, Hootie & the Blowfish, Cage the Elephant, ELO, David Bowie, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jack White, ZZ Top, Drake Bell, Weird al Yankovic, The Grateful Dead, and Phish.