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I Got Tricked into going on a Blind Date on TV

Back when I first moved to Los Angeles in Late '21, I was asked to go on a Reality Dating TV series. They were pretty vague about the details. They only asked what my ideal type of partner might be, what I did for a living and if I'd ever been on a blind date before. I was a little precautious, but at the end of the day...It was a job $$.

When it came time to work, I was treated like some sort of royalty or 1st class citizen, a "Star" if you will. They asked me if I needed anything, refreshments, food, etc. and did my wardrobe and makeup. Next thing I know, I was being led to set! They asked me even more questions - on camera this time. Then I am led into some sort of Dining room area.

Suddenly, I hear everyone on set saying, "Quiet on set, 'she's' coming!" And the rest is history...

This was when I was on Snapchat's "Phone Swap"

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